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Personal Chef Cook Day 11/13/17

Good Morning!  I hope everyone has a great week.  

I love quiet Sunday mornings, but today the wind is blowing at 40 mph gusts!  Not so quiet, but I will not let it bother me.

This first picture is one you don't see very often, Cube Steak.  It's funny when I am at the grocery store in my chef coat, people just want to ask me a 100 questions.  They really look at me weird when I pick up Cube Steak.  They are like, "What are you going to make with that?"  I always say, "Making Cube Steak with a Mushroom Sherry Sauce.  My client loves it."

Here is a picture menu:

Cube Steak with  Mushroom Sherry Sauce

             Roasted Asparagus with
                                              Parmesan Butter

             Baked Chicken and Rice               with Black Beans

Do you like Cube Steak?  Please leave me a comment.  Thank you for stopping by.

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