Personal Chef Recipe Testing 12-11

Today, I decided to look at all the Christmas pictures of my family I took on my camera. And what did I find? Pictures of two recipes I tested last month. I had forgotten all about them. December seems so long ago.

The first recipe I tested was Thai Chicken and Shrimp Soup. To me, chicken and shrimp do not go together.  But, since I love Thai food, I had to attempt to make it.  I now believe chicken and shrimp are meant to be together.  The broth was silky from the coconut milk and the chicken and shrimp were succulent and with the fresh cilantro, it was heaven.

The next recipe was one my sister gave me for a Christmas breakfast, Baked French Toast.  My in-laws were spending the night, but had to leave early the next morning.  It sounded perfect, because you made it the night before and threw it in the oven in the morning.  The only thing I thought the recipe needed was apples.  My husband loves apples, so I put some on top before I added the crumb topping.  It tasted like cinnamon bread pudding with apples and a yummy crunchy topping.  Again, it was heaven.

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