Cuisine du Jour

Last week I took another phenomenally cooking class from Trevarrow!  This month’s class was “The Secrets to Braising” with Chef Nate Lewis from Wyndgate Country Club in Rochester.
He started the class off with Barbeque Pulled Pork Sandwich with Spicy Red Cabbage Slaw.  They were served on slider buns to show how you could serve them at parties.  They were good and just the right size.

Chef Nate then proceeded with the Red Wine Braised Short Ribs. Next to steak, this is my second favorite beef dish. And you can never go wrong with Horseradish Whipped Potatoes and beef of any kind. I was not sure I would like the Maple Glazed Root Vegetables, because it sounded too sweet. But they had just a hint of maple taste in the background. They were awesome.

For the last dish, Chef Nate made Chicken Cacciatore served over Garlic Parmesan Risotto.  Wow, this dish had amazing flavors and it was so creamy with the risotto.  It was perfect! 

So, tonight I am going to recreate this dish for my husband and see how he likes it.  I'm sure he will love it as much as I did.



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