Homemade Pasta

I took a Homemade Pasta Class from Chef Lynn a couple of weeks ago.  My mission was to make pasta to order for my clients. 

The first step was to decide what type of flour to use to make the dough.  We used more all-purpose flour than semolina flour to make a tender dough for ravioli.  After four attempts, (because of the humidity in the air), we got it right with adding more semolina.  Chef Lynn wasn't happy, but it was a great learning experience to know how to prepare the dough if conditions are not ideal. 

The feeling of creating was exhilarating!  I loved making the dough from a small square to a long rectangel to fit over the ravioli form.  We stuffed the ravioli with a butternut squash mixture we had prepared earlier.  Chef Lynn also showed me how to put fresh herbs into the dough.  The green striped ones pictured below have tarragon in the dough.  How beautiful are these square pillows of dough?

Next, Chef Lynn made dough with a spinach powder.  Then she put it into her pasta machine.  We made amore noodles and angel hair pasta.

Here is a picture of my homemade ravioli with my homemade pasta sauce.  It was so good!

What homemade pasta dish can I make for you?


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