Personal Chef Cook Day 03/05/18

Happy Sunday!

The weather here is foggy and muggy.  So, I am sitting in my office writing this blog this morning.  I so miss my patio 😭.

For the last eight years, 90 percent of my clients have been or are gluten-free. They don't have celiac disease, but either cannot tolerate wheat products or just want to avoid them.  

In 2012, I took a food allergy blood test, because I taste many different foods and I could tell my body was not right after tasting wheat products.  Sure enough, I am allergic to wheat and 52 other foods that I love. Since that day I have been doing the elimination diet of trying to add back in foods that I am allergic too.  So far, wheat products are still out of my life.  But, with this knowledge I can give my clients many alternatives to eating gluten-free.  Believe me, I have searched for all the best gluten-free products because let's face it, if it doesn't taste good, I am out of business.

Here is a picture menu:

Gluten-Free Lentils & Chicken Thighs

Gluten-Free Chicken Scallopini

Gluten-Free Braised Bok Choy

What are your favorite gluten-free products?  Please leave me a post below.

Thanks for reading.

Make it a great week!


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