Personal Chef Recipe Testing 07/2017

Last week I was telling my client about these Apple Pie Bars that Ina Garten had made on her new show, Barefoot Contessa: Cooking Like A Pro.  Well, they had to have them for their Fourth of July party and they had to be gluten-free.

The next day, I started recipe testing to make them gluten-free.  My first attempt was soggy.  So, I tweaked the recipe and tried a different flour combination and changed the liquid ratios.  

Wow!  Fireworks were going off in my kitchen.  The shortbread bottom was crunchy and buttery.  The apples in the middle were just like a juicy apple pie. And the crumb topping with walnuts was just as buttery and crunchy as the bottom.  It was so good!

My client said the bars were "perfect".  They also told me, next Thanksgiving, no pie, only Apple Pie Bars!  I so agree.

What was the best dessert you made for the Fourth of July?  Leave me a post and a photo.

Thanks for reading!


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