Personal Chef Cook Day 06-17-2015

My client gave me a challenge to recreate a dish they had on vacation.  They described it as not being too sweet, but with the right balance of basil to round out the flavors.  

I recreated this recipe four times (thank you to my eager taste testers), and I felt it was finally balanced as my clients had described.  

Apricot Basil Chicken 

The reason it took so long was it is hard to find apricot preserves without high fructose corn syrup or sugar as the first ingredient.  You need to taste the apricot favor, but not feel like you are eating jelly on top of your chicken!  

These two products made the dish perfect, O Champagne Vinegar and Bonnie Maman Apricot Preserves.  

My client said, "This tastes better than what we had on vacation!"  

Can I make you this dish for you?


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