Cuisine du Jour Cooking Class 11-15-2012

The Cuisine du Jour class at Trevarrow was taught this month by Chef Frank Turner of Northern Lakes Seafood Company.  The theme for his class was "Farm to Fork in Detroit".  Chef Turner loves to promote all things Michigan.

Here is the picture menu:

Shiitake Shrimp soup

Did you know we have a shrimp farm in Michigan?  Most people don't know this fact.  The Shrimp Farm Market in Okemos.  I have had this shrimp many times and it is wonderful.

The goat cheese came from Zingerman's in Ann Arbor.  I like this goat cheese over the French variety.  I like a mild zing of goat cheese flavor and this one delivers.

Chicken and Pumpkin Risotto drizzled with Basil Oil

The cheese in this dish was organic Crofter's Cheese from Grassfield Organic Cheeses in Coopersville.  It looks and tastes like Parmesan from Italy, but it was made in Michigan!

Lemon Thyme Sauteed Halibut served with
Black Eye Pea & Lentil Ragout, 
Feta Braised Spinach 
and Carrot-Ginger Reduction

The vegetables were from Maple Creek Certified Organic Farm in Brockway and his local Meijer store, which is a Michigan company.  Chef Turner also used canned goods from Eden, which is another great Michigan company.

Apple Bread Pudding with a Apple Cider Glaze

This melt in your mouth dessert was made with apples and dried Montmorency Cherries from Traverse City.  This is going on my Thanksgiving menu!

What is your favorite local Michigan company?


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