Friday, November 22, 2013

Personal Chef Recipe Testing 11-2013

Today is my sister's birthday and I wanted to surprise her with Gluten-Free Turtle Brownies.  They were so delicious!!

Happy Birthday!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Personal Chef Recipe Testing 11-2013

I am very excited today, because I made a real gluten-free loaf of bread!  My sister told me she has a friend who was making her own gluten-free bread at home and it was delicious.  I had to know her secret.

Come to find out, she was using King Arthur Flour Gluten-free Bread Mix.  Now I am very leery about making anything from a box, because I would rather make it from scratch, which is just how I am.  But King Arthur Flour has converted me.

What a beautiful loaf of bread.  Thank you King Arthur Flour!

If you have tried any other gluten-free mixes from KAF, please post how you liked them.  Bake on!

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